I founded HR U Can Trust in 2013 to give smaller businesses the same expert HR guidance as larger companies with full-time HR departments. We offer a customizable menu of turnkey HR services for companies without a Human Resources department so that they too can make more informed decisions and remain compliant. HR U Can Trust is a safe, trusted resource that also empowers managers and employees to ask questions about their issues and rights in the workplace, and receive confidential unbiased answers.

In large companies Human Resources has transitioned from being tactical to being much more strategic. But small businesses still need both. Small businesses need the basics of HR implemented along with an understanding of the links between positive employee relations and productivity. Issues are more complex; sound decisions are more critical than ever. An HR professional can be the conduit to understanding and resolving the differences that affect the performance of both individuals and the company as a whole. We are that conduit.

You deserve truthful answers. You depend on them when making decisions about your business, your career, and your family. HR U Can Trust stakes its integrity on providing the very best advice to companies and individuals seeking impartial guidance from an experienced Human Resources consultant.

You’ll receive timely answers or HR support for your business from me personally, or from another experienced, qualified, and trusted HR professional dedicated to the values of HR U Can Trust.

Carolyn Boyes, SPHR

Carolyn Boyes

Carolyn Boyes is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) with over twenty years of progressively responsible human resources experience at the corporate level as well as the small-medium size business. She excels in HR Government Compliance and Employee Relations, and is known for her high standards of integrity. Her experience in a large telecom organization makes her comfortable with the constant change and flexibility needed in today's workplace. Carolyn expertly coaches individuals at all organizational levels, resolves complex HR issues, and helps make businesses more efficient. By helping maintain positive employee relations and compliance, she works to protect both owner and employees so that companies are more productive and employee friendly.

Helen Miller

With over twenty years of HR experience, Helen Miller specializes in Employee Life Cycle (ELC) including succession planning, talent management, performance management, and workforce planning.  She develops and implements training initiatives for both exempt and non exempt employees such as orientation and onboarding, role specific training, leadership training, compliance and product knowledge. Her extensive experience in learning and development makes her adept at instructional design, procedural intervention, seasonal hiring and compensation programs, the appraisal process, and project management. Helen has provided HR support to more than 7000 remote employees in over 114 locations nationwide.