HR impacts everyone.

Business Owners, Managers, and Employees alike sometimes need confidential answers, validation, or help with HR issues. That's why we're here. Choose your role below, and proceed to peace of mind.

Business Owners: What level of coverage is right for your business?

We can discuss your needs in detail to ensure you receive the right HR support, OR  consider paying a flat monthly retainer to cover all your HR needs as they arise..

T-Shirt Coverage

The bare minimum you’ll need to be compliant.

Jacket Coverage

Includes items needed for motivated and productive employees.

Parka Coverage

The total HR package you’ll need for a small business.

Flak Jacket Coverage

We'll handle any and all regulations thrown at you as a Federal Contractor.

A La Carte

Customized support based on your particular business needs.

At HR U Can Trust, you will find a complete offering of HR services including, but not limited to:

  • Audit of HR processes and documentation (are you legally compliant?)
  • Employee Handbook Development
  • HR Policy Development
  • Independent Investigations of Complaints
  • Manager and Employee Training in HR Compliance, HR Policies, Safe &  Respectful Workplace
  • Manager Training and Coaching in the legal requirements of hiring and termination, performance management and conflict resolution
  • Organizational Diagnostics
  • Preparation of Affirmative Action Plans
  • Reduction in Force activities - start to finish
  • Succession Planning
  • Workforce Development

Don’t see what you need? Not sure what you need? Contact us anyway. We can discuss your needs in detail to ensure you receive the right HR support.

Managers: You will face situations and decisions that have HR implications.

Some need only a coaching session, or a simple answer. Some require consistent ongoing professional support. For a minimal fee, the HR professionals at HR U Can Trust will give you confidential, honest, unbiased answers to your Human Resources questions or guidance, quickly and confidentially.

Company name is not required



Let our independent HR professionals put your mind at ease by answering your Human Resources question.



For more complicated or serious concerns, a confidential one-to-one consultation is recommended.

Manager 1Q1A gives you the flexibility to ask one HR question related to managing your team and receive one answer from a qualified HR U Can Trust representative.

Example manager questions could be similar to:

  • I am a small employer of only 12 people. Are there any federal employment laws I am required to follow?
  • Our employees are required to wear a uniform. Must the company pay them for the time it takes them to change from their street clothes into their uniform?
  • Must I pay employees for their lunch break?

When team management issues become more serious or complicated, talking to an unbiased independent HR professional can make solutions easier to see.

Here are just a few examples:

  • One of your team members has accused you of sexual harassment
  • You are a small business owner, without HR support, and need to talk through the process for reducing headcount
  • You are wondering if you’re required to accommodate an employee’s religious accommodation request

Employees: Stop worrying about your rights, or about rocking the boat in HR.

For a minimal fee, the HR professionals at HR U Can Trust will give you honest, unbiased guidance and answers to your Human Resources questions, quickly and confidentially.

Company name is not required *



Vent more complicated or serious concerns freely in a confidential one-to-one coaching session.

Here are just a few examples:

  • You believe you are experiencing workplace discrimination or harassment
  • You were denied a request for a religious accommodation
  • You want advice on approaching your manager about a problem

I'm not sure how much time I need.

That’s okay. Contact us with a brief description of your concern, and we’ll give you an estimate.

* HR U Can Trust reserves the right to refuse service to an employee if their employer is a current business client.

Consultations can be conducted over the phone or by SKYPE.

(Long distance charges may apply depending on your carrier.)

How it works: Prior to purchasing a service, you will be asked to provide:

  1. General information about yourself
  2. Information about your place of employment (laws vary) and union membership if applicable.
  3. *A detailed explanation of your specific concern, story or workplace event. If applicable to your concern, you may be asked to provide your gender, race, age, or company policy.  Please see our privacy policy.

* Consultation only





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